Industrial wastewater treatment step

20-100 m3/hr. Placement options:

After a DAF – 20-50% reduction
Before a biology – 70-90% reduction
After a biology – 20-50% reduction

The power of XSeppt is to capture pollution others can’t. 

PWW has invented the ‘pre-coagulant’.
The XSeppt system produces a special liquid that is dosed together with coagulant and flocculant.
It is harmless, water-based, powerful, and patented.
It boosts the coagulation-flocculation process, resulting in a cleaner effluent. Even DAF effluent can be treated again.

The XSeppt system has built-in intelligence to always give an optimal result, even when influent quality fluctuates.

XSeppt is a separation pre-treatment, therefore the effluent contains flocs, to be separated. 

DAF > XSeppt: a pollution reduction of 20-50% results in lower discharge costs. In many cases, the effluent is ready for direct membrane filtration.

XSeppt > biology: it increases the capacity of your biology. So, if you build new, the biology can be 50-90% smaller, saving you a lot on Capex.

Biology > XSeppt: the invaluable step to prepare effluent for membrane filtration without any biofouling, with high flux and high recovery of new water. 

XSeppt flocs can be separated by a DAF, gravity belt, filters, etc. based on the situation.

In many cases XSeppt can replace a biological system. If you need a biology, it can be smaller, saving a lot on CapEx.

With 30-50% lower discharge costs, generally, the ROI is less than 3 years.

As water reuse has become a must for many industries, XSeppt is the link to cost-effective water reuse.

XSeppt effluent floc is first separated.

After separating the flocs, the liquid is ready for the last step: membrane filtration. With cleaner water entering the membranes, finally, water reuse has become efficient and cost-effective.

XSeppt for industries

Food & Beverage



Dairy  |  Meat  |  Poultry  |  Sugar

Petrochemical  |  Refinery  |  Paint  |  Mining

Paper  |  Textile  |  Metal  |  Wood

The final step

Complement Xseppt with our matching high-recovery membrane filtration units. Proven technology. Steady results. An unbeatable team.

High flux. High recovery. There is no better solution for water reuse. 

We are ready for the future. Are you?

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