Municipal wastewater treatment step

1000-10000 m3/hr. 

Biology post-treatment
Androgenic pollutants removal
New water as a revenue

PFAS-free effluent as a sustainable revenue source. 

PWW has invented the ‘pre-coagulant’.
The XSeppt+ system produces a special liquid that is dosed together with Paxos biocoagulant.
Both are harmless, water-based, powerful, and patented.
XSeppt+ reduces the effluent’s COD, BOD, N and P content. It is the perfect RO-pretreatment.

The XSeppt system has built-in intelligence to always give an optimal result, even when influent quality fluctuates.

XSeppt is a separation pre-treatment, therefore the effluent contains flocs, to be separated. 

Biology > XSeppt+: placed after the existing biology, XSeppt+ has no influence on the biological process.  

XSeppt flocs can be separated in the last settlement tank. Or by other technologies, depending on the situation.

The XSeppt+ process makes the RO or CCRO influent pass without biofouling and with high recovery rates.

Bringing the resulting water back to the consumer is safe, sustainable, and has value.

RO filtration has been regarded too expensive because of biofouling and low flux. XSeppt+ solves this issue: COD, BOD, N and P are further reduced. It paves the way for safe water reuse.

It is scientifically undisputed: RO systems isolate PFAS and medicine rests for 100%.

The end product of XSeppt+ plus RO is clean water. Brought back to the consumer it becomes an incredible revenue source. A sustainable money-earning process. Making XSeppt+ a no-brainer.

Together we will decide how many XSeppt+ modules are needed and how best to separate the XSeppt+ effluent floc.

We estimate the increased value of the digestate as a fertilizer, as less ferric chlorides are used.

The best membrane filtration system is selected and ROI is predicted.

Compared to other solutions, such as active carbon and ozone, the XSeppt+ concept is 100% effective, low-cost, and high-revenue! And, we close the water loop! Do NOT forget this, this is the way forward.

Making PFAS ‘not-forever’

Called ‘forever chemicals’, PFAS is in our water and our food. We all are affected directly. And that’s why the EU has strict regulations and goals.  

A good place to start the ‘cleanup’ is the municipal WWTP. PWW is happy to help making our water and food healthy again.

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