PWW sustainable wastewater technologies

Within seconds industrial wastewater is now easy to separate, ready for a last filtration step and sustainable water reuse. 

Compared to common MBR or MBBR biological solutions the Xseppt ‘separation pretreatment’ systems have unbeatable lower capex, lower opex, little footprint and higher pollution reduction rates.

Slaughterhouses, breweries, dairy processors, leather tanneries, galvanizing plants, hospitals, labs, landfill leachate, plastic recycling, bio waste processing, biogas digestate, fracking, paper production.


The video shows the result of a mix of industrial + municipal wastewater (COD 1200 mg/L) leaving the Xseppt 10 m3/h system, COD reduced to 150 mg/L, now ready for floc separation and filtration into reusable water.

Less pollution means more options to reuse or discharge at lower costs.

Left glass: slaughterhouse wastewater of COD 4800 mg/L and N 600 mg/L. 

Right glass: separated Xseppt effluent, COD 330 mg/L and N 55 mg/L: reducing discharge costs to 10%.

Xseppt’s high reduction levels mean: ‘less stuff’ for the membranes to filter out and make it into reusable water.

Any existing Dissolved Air Flotation or ‘separation system’ can be used to separate Xseppt streams from the sludge and feed it into membranes.  

Or if you still discharge, then it considerably lowers your discharge costs.

Either way, the Xseppt machine really makes you ‘Green’!

10 m3/h industrial + municipal wastewater system.

Contrary to biological systems with treatment-bacteria, Xseppt is not sensitive to temperature fluctuations. It is very dependable and is turned ‘off’ when you don’t need it. And we can even make it adaptable to changing influent quality.

Xseppt’s high reduction levels are the result of increased oxidation using a proprietary ‘wastewater pre-coagulant’ added prior to the common coagulants and flocculants. 

The pre-coagulant is produced in-situ. Even better: it is water-based, making Xseppt a unique sustainable solution! That’s why we named it ‘Xseptional SEParation PreTreatment’ or Xseppt.

The consumables are electricity, water, salt, ferric chloride and polymer.

With its high instant pollution reduction levels, Xseppt is the missing link for ‘new water’ production.

Slaughterhouse wastewater demo system at work.

A wastewater treatment system is a ‘capital good’. Xseppt gives you more for less. Deal!

Easier to control and maintain than biological systems: 30% lower opex. Your TCO plunges! ROI generally is under 3 years. 

Space is valuable. Xseppt is ‘small’. Easy to install skids. Optionally in containers.

Xseppt prepares you for water reuse, thus reduces risks of future restrictions or fines. You are now freed from all biology-related risks as well.

Xseppt comes in modules:

10 – 20 – 40 – 60 – 80 – 100 – 120 m3/h.

For your type of wastewater choose your capacity. 

Membrane filtration solutions can be offered by PWW membrane partners.

Our goal is to soon provide you with our online configurator to give transparent pricing and delivery terms. 

For now, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

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